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Below is some information, you may find helpful. Please shout out to us should you have any inquiries or concerns, the team will be very happy to answer them all.

What Makes Intuitive Bot Builder the Best Platform For Building Bots for Your Business?

Our team has a unique experience building from basic to the most complex bots 🤖 integrating in-house highly accurate AI algorithms with numerous applications across different industries and finance. Our team's world-class work speaks for itself.

We have the advantage of developing and maintaining an easy-to-use and powerful platform.

We offer a friendly platform to both tech and non-tech people as the core is the original visual conversation designer.

Most of our customers rely on our expertise asking us to build a bot for their business ensuring continuous support and updates.

However, we also give the opportunity for non-tech people to start a bot for their business literally within clicks while having access to more than 70+ bot templates readily built covering a wide range of industries and examples 🚀

At the heart of the platform is an industry-leading conversation flow visual editor making it super-easy to design beautiful conversations that tell your story, grow your audience, and sell your products.

If you’re a tech wizard, you will find it enjoyable creating a chatbot with Intuitive’s bot builder as the platform offers advanced tools such as inline scripting, inline network calls, complex variables operation, or super complex integrations. 👨‍💻

Transferring data between your bot and other business software has never been easier since we support integrations with hundreds of apps via Zapier and Integromat.

How long have we been around?

Alex has a Master of Science in Engineering from UMIST, in the United Kingdom, finishing with the highest distinction. He was invited for a Ph.D. at the Imperial College of London and Oxford. His field of study was programming and wave theory for stealth bombers. He started designing algorithms in 1989. He started using automated real-time messaging in 1995 to help thousands of users who were searching for his unique expertise.

The idea to build a platform and chatbots for the industry came later on in 2014.

Today, the platform continues to thrive and evolve, serving more than 21 thousand users all over the world, from the US, Canada, to Asian countries. With major updates released every month over the years, it has steadily grown to become a solid chatbot solution.

Our dream is to empower every business with an efficient and affordable chatbot as the first step towards an age where artificial intelligence will play a major role.

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